QualCampus Integrated with NBA & NAAC Accreditation

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NBA & NAAC Accreditation

Accreditation is necessary to get global recognition, the external agency should check and grade the institutions or the courses, so as to  maintained transparency and quality 

  • NBA and NAAC Accreditation improves the quality of Students graduating from professional institutes.
  • QualCampus ERP, LMS and CRM helps educational organisations to do the mammoth talks of  NBA and NAAC.
  • It helps you to improve your internal processes and do assessment and evaluation of the same as prescribed by NBA & NAAC as per washington accord.
  • It also helps Institutions, Colleges and universities to increase admission and placement count which is required for getting good GRADE in NBA and NAAC Accreditation
QualCampus Comes with NBA & NAAC Accreditation Module
Report on a Single Click
  • QualCampus is having provision for Course Plan, CO and PO mapping in different modules like Quiz, Survey, Session Plans, Examination, Assignments, etc.
  •  Qualcampus does the calculation of Course outcome and program outcome and attainment. It give you draft SSR or SAR which you can review, edit and submit online.
  • QualCampus generates reports in a single click. Reports available for CO-PO matrix, PO-PEO mappings, Session Plan, Course Plan, Attainment, Quiz, Survey, Question Paper as per blooms taxonomy, GAP analysis reports.
  • Using this module, lot of time of the faculty is saved and manual errors are eliminated.
CO & PO Mapping
Accreditation Module
  • NBA Accreditation is very important in this age of competition with foreign universities.
  • NBA Accreditation benchmarks your programs against the global standards and increases the pace of employability and growth of the students globally.
  • QualCampus ERP, LMS and CRM for Education comes to help the NBA coordinators in gathering data & analyzing, doing calculation of Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes.
  • Further all the data tables of the SAR report are filled by the education ERP for various criterion.
  • QualCampus helps colleges get NBA accreditation easily
  • It automatically collates data from different modules for SAR, MAPs, PO, PSO and CO as per OBE.
  • Generate Attainment reports.
  • Do GAP Analysis
  • Generate Editable Self-Assessment Report (SAR)