QualCampus Post to TallySeamlessly Integrating The Two Platforms

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QualCampus Post to Tally

QualCampus offers a convenient module for transferring financial transactions to Tally ERP software with ease. By seamlessly integrating these two platforms, you can ensure that your financial reports, such as the Trial Balance, Profit and Loss statement, and Balance Sheet, are always up-to-date and accurate.

Features of QualCampus Post to Tally

With QualCampus, you can easily transfer the following financial transactions to Tally ERP:

  • Fee Payments
  • Purchase Invoices and Payments
  • Sales Invoices and Payments
  • Other Financial Transactions
With QualCampus, you can easily transfer financial transactions to Tally ERP
Data Sync with Tally

Data sync with Tally ensure that your Trial Balance, Profit & Loss statement, and Balance Sheet are always in sync with Tally:

  • Selectively choose which transactions you want to transfer, giving you the flexibility to manage your financial data more efficiently.
  • Map the ledger accounts from QualCampus to Tally Ledgers, ensuring that the correct ledger accounts are used for each transaction and resulting in a more accurate and organized financial system.